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Testrail CSV Import with Steps column as xml

I have a .csv file with a lot of test cases in this following format:

And when I try to import them into TestRail, the Steps section is not parsed correctly as it’s shown above

Is there a way that I can configure the importer to parse correctly the steps column from the .csv file ?


Hi Ovi,

Welcome to the TestRail community.

The easiest and best method to import test cases into TestRail would be to use the CSV import wizard. The CSV import wizard is very flexible and intuitive, allowing you to map your CSV columns / fields to TestRail’s fields easily during the import.

You can learn more about the import process on our website here:


Hi @ovy.istrate,
which result do you want to achieve or do you expect?
Based on this you have to configure the mapping within the import process AND prepare the source.

Do you plan to use separated steps?
Right now I think you have used the field Steps, which is a big text field without any given structure.
Using csv, separated steps have to available as separated rows.

Your steps contain XML (?) structure info, which is imported as well. The csv importer will use it as text content and place it in the field. If you plan to get rid of it, you have to remove it in before. TestRail won’t help you - at least I’m not aware of a feature for it.

So, back to my first question…