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TestRail Consultant


Does anyone know of a TestRail consultant in the US? We would like to have someone review our implementation and offer improvements.


@viljam might be able to help out here.


Hi Holly,

i am able to help you out :slight_smile:



Hi viljam,

Thanks so much for responding. Where are you located and do you work with a consulting company? Please let me know the best way to proceed with getting your assistance.




i am not located in US unfortunately but i have done few consultations to US before regarding Testrail implementations ( how to set up, build the flows how to use and etc. ). If the project is important and complex i can fly over US for detail analysis.

I work in my own consultation company with my friend.

If you would like to have phone call please let me know. is our website if you press on my name it will direct to Linkedin profile also.

Let me know how you want to proceed with this!

Just in case you can´t find my mobile: (edited by request)