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TestRail (cloud) Integration with Jira (cloud) failing


How do I debug this?


Settings for TestRail


Settings in Jira


Newly generated api key (from Jira link)

and that’s what i get.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your posting. Is the JIRA integration working from TestRail’s side? I.e. you are able to push and lookup JIRA issues from TestRail’s uster interface? If you only see a login button in JIRA, this is likely a cookie issue with your browser and this may be caused by browser configurations that are too strict (e.g., if they don’t allow/respect cookies in iframes). Can you try this with a different browser, e.g. Google Chrome?



You nailed it. Company cookie policy was messing with the integration and adding both domains to exception list fixed the issue.


Glad to hear this helps, Peter!