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TestRail Background Task


I thought it worthwhile to mention that the Background Task is initially configured as “At Task Creation/Modification” and it runs fine until a restart of the computer that’s hosting the site. At which point the scheduled task does NOT restart unless I “modify” the task. If anyone restarts their server and then immediately experiences latency when trying to configure or generate reports or in delivering of email…check the Overview tab of the Administration section and see if your background task has run recently. If it hasn’t that’s most likely your issue.

It might benefit other users by updating the installation guide to include mention that after the “initial configuration” of the task, to set it instead to “At Restart” and reconfigure it to run every minute indefinitely after that in order to maintain it’s purpose.


Hello Fred,

Thanks for your posting! We already mention the “Repeat every minute” and “indefinitely” options in our documentation but we will make sure to review your feedback (behavior might have changed with a recent Windows version):

Which Windows version do you use?



Hello Tobias, thanks for your response. I set up the task as your instructions indicate to begin with, but after having to move the asset that we have TestRail installed on to another location on campus, the background task stopped running after we powered it on. Since the task already existed, I simply set it to “At Restart” and reconfigured it to Repeat Every Minute & Indefinitely and it hasn’t given us problems since. I have installed on Server 2008 R2.


Thanks, Fred! We will make sure to review this again to see if the documentation needs to be updated/extended.




I know this particular discussion is older so bear with me. Does this issue still exist? I am not our server admin so before I send our admin off to investigate I want to make sure this is a valid idea to pursue.