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TestRail API V2 - Is there any way to check if a user has permission to post results into plan / run?



We have some app that allows us to post our automation results into different testplants / runs for the different projects that we have in our testrail instance, for this we are using the testrail API.
I’m needing to validate before posting the results if the user will be able to send the results. Currently using the api I was able to validate:

  • if plan/run is completed.
  • if plan/run provided doesn’t exist
  • if user doesn’t have access to the project.

Is there some available method in the API to check if user has enough permissions to post results ?




Hi Diego,

Thanks for your post! Currently, it wouldn’t be possible to query the user permissions with TestRail’s user API as we don’t have any request filters/fields available for this. That said, we already have this on our feature request list and I’m happy to add another vote to this request on your behalf.