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TestRail API to get result for milestone or plan


It is very complex to use testrail API to get test result for milestone or test plan. But there’s an export function on the testrail website, we need the similar function for API call.

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It that avaiable for real? I saw there no such option, correct me if am wrong!

Budre Petre


Hi there,

@Nicole Thanks for the post! There’s not currently a way to directly create an export for a milestone/test run/test plan through the API, but this may be something we consider in the future. For now, to use the API to grab this information you would need to use the get_milestone method to see the test runs/plans included, then have the returned run/plan IDs fed into get_results API call, which would provide the result details for the tests within those runs.

@budrepetre There is a small export icon in the top tool bar when viewing a milestone or test run/plan in the top right. It will look like a small window with a red arrow pointing to the right:

This will allow you to export all of the testing data into an XML file or a spreadhseet in either CSV or Excel formats.