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TestRail API returned HTTP 500 / Trying to get property 'description' of non-object


We have automated test plans running for hours and we are facing the issue when after a few hours running (every run this occurs differently from 2 to 4 hours) the get_plan endpoint starts returning the following error: Trying to get property ‘description’ of non-object.

Has anybody ever seen this issue? One thing I can say is this started about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks in advance.



Please send a support request to if you’re still encountering these issues.


Are there any updates. We experience the same issue.

My team is also running into this exact issue trying to migrate our automation to a new testrail server. @shanu.mandot Any updates?



Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your report. This definitely shouldn’t be happening, and it isn’t something I’ve heard of recently from other users!

In order to help you out, could you please send us the detailed report of the issue at


TestRail API returned HTTP 500 (“Trying to get property ‘description’ of non-object”)
Any solution to this issues or investigation detailing the root cause, this is an unacceptable application issues that needs urgent action:
– This issues happens intermittently
– All the test run under the queried test plan becomes inaccessible via API calls
– A work around is to delete the offending plan/runs (causes loss all the run entries )

I’ve got same error on Testrail hosted on Ubuntu

I got two plans with my testrail, with id’s 1444718 and 1444734 Then I perform get_plan request for first one, something like this:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic my-key'

I got correct response with a lot of data

If I try to performa the same on second one I just got short response:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic my-key'
{"error":"Trying to get property 'description' of non-object"}

But opening this plan via url in my browser: will not cause any error

I’ve send same message to, not sure why supported performed only via email, not via this forum

The only solution I found is to get rid of using get_plan endpoint. I used to use that to obtain run ID within the test plan. Now, I use workaround - run ID within the test plan is obtaining when adding that run to the plan by add_plan_entry . That method returns the new test plan entry including test runs so I am doing in Python

response = send_post("add_plan_entry/… ")
run_id = response[“runs”][0][“id”]