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TestRail API returned HTTP 401(No additional error message received)


We have a TestRail server integrated with AD/LADP. I am trying to use TestRail API v.2 through java code but am getting TestRail API returned HTTP 401(No additional error message received).
I was using username(abc) without alias(like for the email address with my system/LDAP password which we used when log-in manually to testrail server.
And also using API key with email address( instead of password does not worked for me. Im not testrail admin for some reasons. But my testrail admin confirmed that API option is enabled in the testrail server.

if i add cookie session id in APIClient, i was able to get data for the first 10 requests. later im getting following error:
TestRail API returned HTTP 401(“The maximum number of failed login attempts has been reached. Please try again in 10 minutes.”)

When i tried it with other testrail server in our supporting project, which is configured with testrail authentication. There i was able to access testrail through same API code i was developing.

For your kind information I was using APIClient & APIExemption java file provided in And i does not made any changes in it.

Kindly help me in the to overcome this issue. Thanks alot for having time.