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TestRail - API - Post JSON data is ignored


Hi team,

I am trying to use TestRail ( APIs to perform basic CRU operations. I am able to do a read operation . but unable to do Create and Update Operation.
I suspect the JSON Data that I sent as part of request is not reaching the API Service . is this correct ?
Any help where it is going wrong and why POST JSON data not reaching the TestRail API service.

GET – Working Fine . Able to get the test plan details in response.

curl --insecure -L -H “Content-Type: application/json” -u "" “

POST - Create a Test plan – Not Working . The data (Name ) sent ignored. Error stating “Required Field: name” is missing.

curl --insecure -L -d ‘{“name”:“TestPlan-A”}’ -H “Content-Type: application/json” -u "" -X POST “

POST – Update a Test Plan – Not working. The data (update name attribute) sent is ignored . No error thrown because json data is optional.


Solved . The API PHP Url is incorrect (should the documentation be updated ?) .

Incorrect :
Correct :


Send the info into the Support email address, best chance they will see it and change it if needed.


Links are not valid.


The links are to their TR install - they should not work and if they do and you can get into them, there would be a VERY serious security issue.