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Testrail Api (old) after upgrade to v 3


In your documentation you wrote, that the old version is still in place, although it will not be supported for new features.

I wrote a method in C# for writing back some testresults to testrail.
After the upgrading to v3 I got the error
Missing argument 1 for DropdownField::get_validation_rule(), called in C:\inetpub\testrail\app\controllers\miniapi.php on line 685 and defined

Here is the url:

and here are the parameters that were passed:

The request header contains Accept: application/json and ContentType = “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” .

So are there any changes, or did I miss something?


Hallo Franz,

Thanks for your posting. There’s an update for the old API which you need to apply:

(just choose the 3.0 version and follow the installation/update instructions)