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TestRail API for protractor


I want to install TestRail API via NPM(Node package manager).
What is the procedure to do it?
What are all the dependencies for the TestRail API in NPM?
What is the difference between testrail and testrail-promise? Which one I should use?
Kindly give the brief answer


Looks like promise is a wrapper for the TR API that makes it ‘easier’ - don’t think it was created by Gurock at all so yo would need to goto the link below to find the details:


The HTTP calls in javascript/node.js are asynchronous, so the return values have to be handled with 1) callbacks, 2) promises, or 3) possibly some other methods that I don’t remember. I’m guessing the node-testrail npm library uses callbacks while the other one uses promises. Functionally they both do the same thing, just using different methods of handling the results.


It is possible to generate test result in JUnitXml & NUnitXml format. Does TestRail have plugin to for junit Or nunit report ?