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TestRail API connections to AZURE ( VSTS )

Looked at the TestRail API , but wondering if anyone has experience with using VSTS ( Azure ) as an end point , I would like to get the results of builds within Azure to be updated as a test case result in TestRail.

So one scenario may be open the test case in TestRail start the Azure build from that test case and then obtain the result in TestRail.

So apart from the API does anyone have some sample code that may fit this …C# etc that uses the API to send results from Azure / and Read results at TestRail end.

Hi Graeme,

Developing a builtin integration for Azure (VSTS) is currently on the todo list. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release.

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Hi, I would like to vote for this too.

Hi Brantley,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added your vote as well.