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TestRail API add_run don't work in Java


I try to add a new testrun via the TestRail API v2 method add_run in Java. It results in the following APIException:

Here is my Java code (I’m using Java :

public JSONObject AddTestRunTest(String sTRUrl, String sUserName, String sPassword ) { JSONObject jsonObject = null; APIClient client = new APIClient(sTRUrl); client.setUser(sUserName); client.setPassword(sPassword); String sjsonString = "{\"suite_id\": 166, " + " \"name\": \"New TestRun\", " + "\"assignedto_id\": 2 , " + "\"include_all\": false, " + "\"case_ids\": [18361, 18341, 18342, 18344, 18345, 18346, 18347, 18322, 18348, 18349, 18350, 18351, 18352] }"; try { String sAPIMethod = "add_run/18"; jsonObject = (JSONObject) client.sendPost(sAPIMethod, sjsonString ); } catch (MalformedURLException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (APIException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return jsonObject; }

Response-Code from method add_run 400 says: Invalid or unknown project.

BUT I’m sure that the project-, session- and even caseids are correct, existing and fit together.

I know this for sure, because if I do the same via curl it works.
Here my curl - command:

curl -D- -u Username:Password -X POST --data @create-testrun.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" TestRail-Host/testrail/index.php?/api/v2/add_run/18
Here the content of the file create-testrun.json (simply a copy of the content of my java-varaible - see above):

{"suite_id": 166, "name": "New TestRun", "assignedto_id": 2 , "include_all": false, "case_ids": [18361, 18341, 18342, 18344, 18345, 18346, 18347, 18322, 18348, 18349, 18350, 18351, 18352] }


Hello Thomas,

Thanks for your posting. The Java API binding expects an object or array argument instead of a string. The binding would then automatically serialize this to a JSON string. An example for this can be found here:

We recommend using Maps (for key/value lists) and Lists (for arrays) to format the arguments as demonstrated in the example.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case anything is unclear.



Hello Tobias,

thanks a lot - it works now :smile:



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the update and great to hear that it works now! :smile:



I kept using arrays until I came across this post where it suggested to use Lists instead. That solved my issue.
You should update your documentation on the Java examples.


Hi Jesus,

Thanks for your feedback! Sure, we’re happy to review updating this and providing more examples in the future as well.



Actually, I found out it’s best to stay away from Lists and HashMaps. The provided JSON library suffices. Simply use JSONObject and JSONArray objects.