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TestRail and Asana integration

Hello, not long time ago we started to use TestRail in our company. We are also use Asana as our bug tracking tool. Is there any way to intagrate TestRail to Asana?

Like: testcase was failed => create a task in asana.

Hello A.Losev,

Thank you for posting! We don’t currently have a defect plugin for Asana, but you can generally use TestRail’s generic URL-based integration:

That said, we are definitely looking into adding more defect plugins for additional tools in the coming months. I can’t promise that we will be working on a defect plugin for Asana soon, but we do already have Asana integration on our radar, and I have added your vote to the feature request which helps us prioritize future updates internally.

With the TestRail Server edition, it’s generally possible to write a simple custom defect plugin yourself if you are interested in this (and you can just use one of our existing ones as a starting point and adjust it to Asana’s API) in the meantime. We also have documentation about this available on our website here:

I hope this helps.


We use Asana for defects as well and would really like to see Testrail integration with Asana.

Thank you John for your reply: please add my vote for Asana Integration as well.
We just starting with TestRail in my company and it would be great to have integration with our backtracking tool.

Thank you.