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TestRail Add-on in Jira



We are using Jira Server and in the Atlassian marketplace i can see Testrail for Jira Test Management. If I add the Add-on, do I still need to buy license for TestRail to be able to integrate with Jira




you need an own TestRail instance.


Hello Ola,

Thanks for your posting! Sure, we are happy to explain how this works. Just like JIRA, TestRail is a separate and commercial application and has a license or subscription fee. This is also mentioned in the TestRail add-on description in the Atlassian marketplace. Also just like JIRA, TestRail is available as a Cloud edition, or can be installed on your local network. You can find the pricing details here if you like:

The TestRail add-on you see in the marketplace is the part that integrates TestRail with JIRA. We offer this for free and the add-on can be installed via the marketplace and from JIRA. You still need a separate, paid-for TestRail instance but you can also evaluate the integration with a free TestRail trial first:

The details for setting up the integration can be found on our website but we are also happy to help in case you have any questions:

I hope this helps!