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TestRail Add-on in Atlassian Marketplace unavailable?


Just trying to fully integrate Testrail with our Jira instance and wanted to install the new plugin. When I click on the link here:

…I’m taken to the Atlassian Marketplace. But…the add-on never shows up/loads.

Like so:

Could someone help, please?


Hi there!

Yes, it’s a bug in Atlassian JIRA and this affects all JIRA add-ons at the moment, not just TestRail. We reported this to Atlassian and they are working on a fix. You can still install the add-on with just a few clicks, just not via the marketplace unfortunately. Instead:

  • In JIRA, from the administration area, select “Find new add-ons”
  • Search for TestRail
  • Click on Install for the TestRail add-on

The add-on is installed within a few seconds.

We unfortunately don’t have any way to resolve the issue that you mentioned as it affects all vendors and add-ons and we hope Atlassian will fix this soon.


Excellent - thanks Dennis. All sorted out now and working perfectly.