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TestRail Activity



Is there any form of getting TestRail daily activity via API?

I need to have an excel table with my daily actual executed and actual success executions.

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It’s similar with the Runs (Summary) report generated by TestRail


get_results_for_run will give you all of the activity for a test run. It is limited to 250 results returned at a time, so see this discussion for examples on using the offset and limit parameters to get all of the results. I would recommend using the status_id parameter to filter out the results that don’t have a status (when a test is assigned to someone, it adds a result with a null status), and you can use the created_after parameter to return only the results after a particular date (in Unix timestamp format).


With get_results_for_run I can for example pass 5 days without exporting the executions and at the 5th day run the API and get the different executions for the 5 days?




Thank you for your follow up question. Along with the request filters for the get_results_for_run method, you should be able to filter out specific results. i.e., :created_after, :created_before