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TestRail 6.5.3 Released

TestRail has been released with various bug fixes and TLS email support for server and Docker customers.

General Bug Fixes:

  • An error was occurring when creating duplicate reports with “on demand for the API” enabled. That’s now been fixed.
  • There was a problem with the add_plan_entry API endpoint, which allowed users to include cases from projects outside of the one in which the plan exists. Attempting to include cases from projects outside of the one you’re working in will now result in a 400 error response.
  • API users were also able to assign a milestone_id of “0” to their runs using the add_run and update_run endpoints. Going forward, this will also return a 400 response since milestone with ID of “0” doesn’t exist.


  • TLS email protocol is now supported in TestRail server instances, by popular request.

Getting TestRail 6.5.3

A 14-day trial version of TestRail can be requested here (hosted on our servers or as download to install on your own server):

If you want to create a subscription for TestRail Cloud, you can do so from within TestRail via Administration > Subscription . Or, if you want to order TestRail Server licenses you can do so from our website here:

Registered customers can download the full version from our customer portal:

Updating to TestRail 6.5.3

TestRail Cloud instances are automatically updated to the latest version. You can check your version via the TestRail Help > About TestRail menu item.

If you are using the on-premise version of TestRail, you can update to the new version as usual by installing it over your existing TestRail installation (there’s no need to uninstall your existing installation). Please see the update instructions for details:

As with all updates, please ensure you make a backup of your current on-premise installation before upgrading to the new version.

If you’re using Docker, please refer to the instructions here:

TestRail Enterprise

If you’re interested in our Enterprise package, please email us for a trial or quote via, or you can use the contact form here:

Can you confirm this release has the fixes for the jira issue hover bug which shows a 404 response and the issue with incorrectly reporting test pass statistics on the overview page?

Thanks very much!

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Hi @GBailey:

Both those fixes are included in this release :slight_smile:


Thanks Simon!
This morning we’ve upgraded and verified both are resolved.

Why didn’t you fix the black text in the dark theme in the search form?
I already wrote about this and you said that you are aware of this problem.


Hey Artyom,

Thanks for your post.

The fix for the issue you mentioned is currently in development/testing. As such, I can’t give you a precise timeline for release, but I expect it to be very soon.


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I am getting this error after the Testrail release 6.5.3 while trying to push the automation results to Testrail. This is 500 error. and the error is “The database result has more than one row”. How to solve this? Please help

Hi @saikat.debnath - which API endpoint are you trying to use? We’re aware of an issue with get_users that results in a similar error…

@sjpknight Yes it’s the get_users. What is the solutions for that? Please help me i am unable to run out automation cases because of the error. Thanks in advance

We have upgraded to 6.5.3 and since the upgrade the email function is not working. We are using AWS SES for SMTP and nothing has changed on that side. The error we are getting when sending a test email is:

Sending the test email failed. Please see the following messages and server output for details:

There was a problem reading line 1 of an SMTP response. The response so far was:
[]. It appears the connection has died without saying goodbye to us! Too many emails in one go perhaps? (fsockopen: #0)

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After upgrading from version 5.6 to 6.5.3 the description field in the custom push dialog (configured as ‘text’ and not ‘string’) no longer accepts “Enter” as a new line. I don’t know when it was changed.
How can I have a new line with “Enter” again?

Code of the field:
‘description’ => array(
‘type’ => ‘text’,
‘label’ => ‘Description’,
‘size’ => ‘full’

I’ve replicated and have documented an issue report. We will review and resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting this!

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I have the same problem when upgrading to 6.5.7



Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your post.

In order to assist you better, could you please elaborate the issue you’re currently facing ?


We are facing the same problem as tvandusen and smetannikov.
Email notifications through AWS SES stopped working after this update. I got in touch with the support email about this and we are waiting for a fix
We cannot move to another notification setup or integrate a mail server in the TestRail server.
This issue took down a core function of the system, increasing substantially the administrative workload (we have close to 150 active users). No ETA has been provided, but I am worried this will go unfixed for a long time. Please provide a workaround or ETA ASAP.


Hey Alessandro,

Could you please help with the ticket id so that I can track it for you and provide an update if any.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Ticket ID 312235

Thanks Alessandro for the ticket details.

As per the logs, the issue’s priority is increased to high and our team is still reviewing it. Meanwhile, I will check with our Support Team if we have any workarounds for the same.

Thanks in advance for your patience.


I am happy to report that the update to 6.6.1 solved the email problem for us.
Thanks to the Gurock team for the support.

Glad to hear that, Alessandro :slight_smile: