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Testrail 6.5.1 is super slow compared to our earlier version Tetsrail 5.3

So I have upgraded testrail server from 5.3 to 6.5.1 version , however I do see major performance degradation in this . Our earlier testrail (v 5.3) was super smooth & this 6.5.1 is super slow.

Below are some stats of our testrail instance

Our ‘testrail’ database size is of ~41 GB . While viewing database in phpMyAdmin , it shows ‘cases’ table occupying major chunk of it

On ‘Test runs & results’ page , I see 761 open and 8083 completed test runs in this project.

On ‘Test Suites & cases’ page , I see 98 test suites and 48401 cases in this project.

On ‘Milestones’ , I see 5 open and 205 completed milestones in this project

‘TODO’ page never opens in both versions of testrail (earlier also it wasn’t opening in 5.3 , now also it doesn’t open in 6.5.1)

Testrail 6.5.1 is deployed on m5.xlarge Amazon EC2 instance (having 4 vcpu , 16 GB RAM) , still I am seeing testrail responding slow (loading pages slower & all)

Testrail 5.3 is deployed on m5.large Amazon EC2 instance (having 2 vcpu , 8 GB RAM) , still It is faster than 6.5.1

Let me know what else to be done to make testrail faster from our side .


Hey Sameer,

Thanks for your feedback. I can see in our logs that you already have an open support ticket with us.


Since we haven’t got any resolution yet on this , I am posting some stats here ,

Testrail support team’s mentions that , open test-runs (which in my case is 761) can affect testcase adding functionality , however I am observing slowness even in loading pages loading pages (like 'Test runs & results’ , ‘Test Suites & cases’) . Loading these pages is much slower in testrail_6.5.1 when comparing it side by side against our older testrail_5.3

Moreover regarding database size (which in my case is ~41 GB) , major chunk of it is being occupied by ‘cases’ table (~ 30 GB , 34466051 total rows) in ‘testrail’ database , while runs occupy only (34.6 MB) (got this info when viewing ‘testrail’ database through phpMyAdmin).
I don’t understand this , since we have only ‘ 48401 ’ testrail test cases .


Hey Sameer,

I can see in our logs that your query is resolved now.
Please let us know in case any further questions come up, happy to help.