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TestRail 5.7 update


Today I got the message to inform me that our site has been upgraded to 5.7. As I am the admin of the site and tried to login and go to Adim site, while on the site admin page, I did not see the tabs like “SSO”, “Auditing” and “Backups”. Not sure what is wrong with our site. Could you please have a look?


Hi Ray,

Thanks for the post! the new features you mentioned that were introduced in TestRail 5.7 are TestRail Enterprise features, and by default will not be available to all users unless you are updated to an Enterprise license or subscription. That being said, to ensure a smooth transition we are staggering the release of the new features and the Enterprise options, and we will be announcing the availability of TestRail Enterprise edition for purchase very soon.


Thanks Jacob.

Our TestRail site is
. Can you please check if we are on
an Enterprise license? We currently have 10 licenses subscription I believe.


Hi Ray,

Currently, the Enterprise license isn’t available for users, and we will be providing additional details very soon on all of the features and how to upgrade.


Thanks Jacob for the response. Does that mean no one could use the new features of v5.7 (like SSO) at the time being until the enterprise license is available?



Wow, so we have to pay more to use features that should be already included as common standard practice?

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Correct - not sure how else it would work… :wink:


I have 150 users, where 20-30 use it regularly. That causes some problems for me as I can’t really justify the cost. I always saw the future promise of SSO as a base requirement when deciding to go with Testrail last year.