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TestRail 5.6 Released


We’re pleased to announce that TestRail 5.6 has been released and is available in our hosted (cloud) environment and for download by server installation customers.

PHP 7.1 & 7.2 Support

As of TestRail 5.6 we can support installation in PHP 7.1 and 7.2 environments. This is an important update since, as many of you are no-doubt aware, 5.6 and even 7.0 are no longer actively supported PHP versions, with security support elapsing soon also - on the 31st and 3rd December respectively.

Please note that as of this release, we are deprecating support for running TestRail in a PHP 5.6 environment. TestRail is fully supported when running in PHP 7.0, and now PHP 7.1 & 7.2 environments too.

If you need to upgrade your installation environment, please read our documentation on doing so here: (How To) Upgrade TestRail Server from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.x

Bulk User Updates

As part of our ongoing commitment to making life easier for TestRail administrators, we’ve added a bulk update feature to the user management area in the administration console. If you find yourself having to make changes to large numbers of users on a regular basis, we expect you’ll be grateful for the ability to carry out those changes in bulk - rather than on an individual basis.

(This feature was originally planned for part of the SAML 2.0 Single Sign On functionality we intended to include within the 5.6 release. Unfortunately, due to some dependent system issues - we’ve had to push that functionality back to TestRail 5.7, which we expect to release along with some other big new features, early in the new year).

Bug Fixes

Whoops! Occasionally we make mistakes… In 5.6 we’ve tried to rectify a few of them:

  • Completed projects count bug - for some reason, once you got over 25 projects, our project counter stopped counting them. Now, it does.
  • Forget user administrator bug - when we provided administrators with the capability to “forget” users as part of our GDPR package, they also gained the ability to forget themselves. Doh! Our support team will be very happy to learn that administrators cannot forget themselves any longer.
  • Test plan assignee bugs - changing assignees within test plans was problematic. As of 5.6, when you change the user to whom a run is assigned in the UI, the individual test assignees will get updated correctly too.
  • Missing reports issue for some cloud customers - ironically, as a result of our improving the overall performance of our cloud infrastructure, we exposed an issue whereby some customers were experiencing loss of their reports. This was due to a bug in the database that manifested itself when lots of report jobs were being run by the background task at high speed. Now fixed!
  • Jira user email address validation fix - Atlassian decided to stop using usernames for authentication purposes, but our integration still required them and wouldn’t allow you to add email addresses instead due to historic validation rules. We’ve removed those now, so your Jira integrations should be footloose and fancy free from here on in.

Upgrading to TestRail 5.6

Upgrading to TestRail 5.6 is easy and if you benefit from any of the above improvements, we would recommend upgrading. We’ve included all the required details below to get TestRail 5.6 up and running, depending on the edition you use:

  • TestRail Cloud: Most accounts of TestRail Cloud already use the new version. Any accounts which don’t already have it can expect the upgrade over the next few days or so.
  • TestRail Server (licensed): You can download the latest version or renew your support plan from your customer portal account. Please remember to backup your database before updating!
  • TestRail Server (trial): Please contact us to upgrade your download trial.
  • New User: Want to try TestRail? Get a free trial.

We hope you’re well pleased with all the work we’ve been doing. If you have any questions or feedback about the new version, please let us know!


@sjpknight it appears that this issue was not fixed in v5.6. I’m a bit surprised that it was never fixed as a minor release to be honest.


Hi @gmcdonald - we didn’t realise this was an issue. We’ve taken some steps to try and get on top of things in the forum, but it seems like we missed this thread entirely: Can anyone use the "Elapsed All" column on Test Run pages?

To the best of my knowledge, it was never reported to our support services either.

We have another release (5.7) planned for shortly after Xmas. I’ll see if we can get a fix for this included with it.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!



Hi @sjpknight - I raised this via email on the 22nd August (190342 was the ticket number in the title of the email response from John Callahan).

I also raised another issue a day later about slow (~23 second) database transactions for the progress monitoring tasks, along with a suggested fix to create an index, but have not heard anything back for that one. Should I resend it?


@gmcdonald I’ve looked into this with our support team. It seems as though there was some confusion while diagnosing the issue and as a result, it didn’t get logged as a bug, and didn’t get fixed.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of the team. We’ll obviously be looking to ensure this gets dealt with as quickly as possible.


Is there any written procedure to upgrade from TestRail 5.5.1 to 5.6 including OS/PHP upgrade?
Server is currently Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


@sergeyb we’ve published some instructions for upgrading your PHP version here: (How To) Upgrade TestRail Server from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.x.

We have not published any documentation detailing how to upgrade your operating system, since that seems a little outside of TestRails purview. If you wish to upgrade your Ubuntu software, probably the Ubuntu site has information on how to do so.


@gmcdonald we’ve released a fix for the Elapsed All issue. See release notes here: TestRail Server Released