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TestRail 5.4 no release notes


I just noticed that the current application version is 5.4 since june this year, but no release notes or blogpost have been published about the upgrade.

I am also worried about the update frequency, which seems to be decreasing every version. The 5.3 release was back in september 2016.

Despites IDERA’s acquisition of Gurock, the promised extra team members, resources and infrastructure don’t seem to have effect.


According to a post in the 5.3 thread (roughly 2 weeks ago) - 5.4 was released “to new trials” . I don’t believe they will post Release Notes till it is released for everyone including self hosted sites.

This was the longest period in between updates since we have been using test rail. The same post said that there is going to be an additional release after 5.4 for more features.

Looks like 5.4 mainly adds Win Server 2016 and PHP7 support, then the additional release will do more straight features.


Well, according to the screenshot it has already been released. I’m a paying customer and not a trial.


I do not believe they have ‘trial’ specific customers. If it has not been compiled and available for download for self hosted customers (like I am) then it has not been ‘released’.

They typically do deploy it to paying, hosted customers first before fully releasing and creating the release notes and the notice to the forum.

From my experience - this is typical for companies that do SaaS and allow self hosting.


Hi Jasper, Hi Brian,

The release notes are now available and the blog posting will follow later today:

5.4 is mainly a platform release and adds support for PHP 7.0 and Windows/SQL Server 2016 but also includes some smaller changes and bug fixes that apply to TR Cloud.

I hope this helps!