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TestRail 5.4.1 Released


TestRail 5.4.1 is now available. It’s a minor release, since as you’ll know from previous updates there have been some changes to the team and our development processes as a result. What we were looking for here were some small changes to satisfy a few longtime requests and at the same time prove our product development pipeline was ready to start delivering. So, while you may not see everything you hoped for below, it’s the start of much more to come!

Here’s what we changed:

  • Added: Tabs to separate existing TestRail Users, Groups and Roles (so administrators of large installations find it easier to manage their users).

  • Added: User email addresses now visible on the User table (again, to make life easier for administrators).

  • Added: User list can be exported to CSV or Excel document (you guessed it, for administrators with lots of users!)

  • Fixed: Section filter bug that prevented test cases and sections from displaying correctly in some filter scenarios.

  • Fixed: Email notifications not working in PHP 7 environments for email addresses with specific formats

Getting the new version
A 30-day fully functional trial version of TestRail can be requested here (hosted on our servers or as download to install on your own server):

If you want to create a subscription for TestRail Cloud, you can do so from within TestRail via Administration > Subscription. Or, If you want to order TestRail Server licenses you can do so from our website here:

Registered customers can download the full version from our customer portal:

Updating to the new version
Most accounts of TestRail Cloud already use the new version. Any accounts which don’t already have it can expect the upgrade over the next week or so.

If you are using the download version of TestRail, you can update to the new version as usual by installing it over your existing TestRail installation (there’s no need to uninstall your existing installation). The database upgrade wizard is automatically started when you access TestRail with your web browser. Please see the update instructions for details:

Please take the time to make a backup of your current installation before upgrading to the new version.


Report for Users & Permissions

5.4.1 isn’t available to download in the customer portal, 5.4.0 is the latest that is shown.



Thanks for your reply! This should be available now, and can you try accessing your customer portal again to let me know if you can see the download available? Let us know if you run into anymore issues with it!



5.4.1 is there now, thanks!


Not sure what the above is… looking at the User table in our Production DB on 5.4.0 and the email addresses are already visible. Nothing seems to be different in terms of email address in the Edit User or User table between our Prod (5.4.0) and Test (5.4.1).

Brian G


Hello, I just want to confirm what’s the difference between and
we just deployed the in our production environment and now I got a new version release notification. But there is no release note about for our reference.


Hi Brian - sorry, that statement might be a little ambiguous. The email addresses are now visible on the user table on the user tab, in the administration area of the TestRail application. You can probably see that more easily on the screenshot in our blogpost, here.


Hi Jeffrey,

The code fixes an issue some TestRail Server customers were experiencing with PHP 5.3 when using the administration features. There’s no impact for customers using PHP versions above 5.3 and, since it was a hotfix maintenance release, we don’t plan on publishing a separate set of release notes.

I hope that answers your question. Let us know if you need any more information!



Hi Simon, Copy that. Thank you~


D’OH - looked at the page and didn’t see the email addresses yesterday. Amazing what your brain deems important and not important when looking at things. Never registered the extra column - sorry about that. :slight_smile:


I think there is an issue within

It contains a users.php file. At line 45 I can see
$params['tab'] = $this->session->get('users_tab') ?: 1;

It is exactly that line that brings up the following error message when you hit the admin panel -> users and roles:
PHP error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /opt/app/testrail/app/controllers/admin/users.php at 45

I changed the line to
$params['tab'] = $this->session->get('users_tab');
and now it’s working.

I guess the download package needs an update!


Interesting - I don’t have any issues with the Admin page - can go to each tab and click on users, groups, roles… Is it specific to a browser perhaps? We have the same line original line on a self hosted install.

$params[‘tab’] = $this->session->get(‘users_tab’) ?: 1;


Seems not to be a browser-specifiv issue. I tried Chrome, IE, Firefox.

Do you have spaces in between the ?: 1;
I have the spaces there, and it is not working.
When I throw away the ?: 1; everything is fine.


Your original line:
$params[‘tab’] = $this->session->get(‘users_tab’) ?: 1;

Our actual line in the file:
$params[‘tab’] = $this->session->get(‘users_tab’) ?: 1;

They line up to me so it looks to be the exact line… Maybe a browser extension causing a problem?


as mentioned before: I tested with 3 browsers (plain installations, no extensions). Still not working, until I uncomment the last part
$params['tab'] = $this->session->get('users_tab');// ?: 1;


Is there a chance that the install package was for a version of PHP you are not running? In the Discussions forum it seemed that someone used the client for PHP 7 when they were running PHP 5.3.3… Maybe the same issue perhaps?

It really does seem to be more of an install/local issue than an issue in the package.


That’s what we thought as well - that we accidently installed the wrong version.
We checked again (and also tried another download package just to be sure) - but nope…that wasn’t the probem


Do you have any update on the plans to fully integrate JIRA fields with TestRail?
Currently it does not sync agile fields as I understand.


Any news for the new version planned for the end of april that you talked about during a presentation in march ?


Hi Kiéran - TestRail 5.5 is currently being tested. We’re aiming for a release in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more info!