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TestRail update message


I’m getting a message from the Test Suites page:

Your installation was updated to TestRail but this page still runs the previous version. Please refresh this page.

I’ve refreshed the page. I even logged out and back in, but I’m still getting the message and it’s keeping me from successfully dragging and dropping a subsection folder to another location.

Thoughts? Workarounds?


Same message here, even if I logged out or delete my cookies. I’m using the cloud version.


Same issue here. Receiving this error for multiple actions - both in test case creation, test plan creation, and execution. Highly disruptive issue.

My entire team of testers is experiencing the same problem.


For our team it keeps happening intermittently. No rhyme or reason as far as we can tell. Refreshing the page does not make it load, either.


We are having the same issue using the cloud version. It is just a random, annoying message.


Our testing team is experiencing the exact same issue. I noticed that, on Gurock’s support page, the latest version of TestRail is but the builds we are all on is I wonder if that could be contributing factor to the issue we are all seeing.

Link to support page:


The same problem (cloud trial version)


We are having the same issue it is really impacting our productivity on a critical testing day.


I assume someone has opened a ticket with Gurock Support - correct?


I hadn’t. First time with an issue; I didn’t realize they had a ticketing system. I’ll open one, thanks.


It is just emailing to the Support email address. Pretty responsive on the rare occasion when I have had to use it.


Our sys admin contacted them and got this response:

“We are already aware of the issue you’ve reported via screenshot and our server administrators are looking into this error now. Thanks for your understanding and we will notify you once the issue is resolved, or if we need to gather any more details. Apologies for the inconvenience!”

So they are at least aware of the issue!


Hi all,

Thank you for your post and reporting the error! We are already aware of the issue, and our server administrators are working on resolving this. Thanks for your understanding and we’ll provide another update once the issue has been resolved. You can also feel free to contact us via our support channels at or via our support form:



A team member got this issue today, but the version was this time. I’m going to also contact support thru email, but wanted to see if this is reoccurring for anyone?