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Testrail 5.3 API updates?


Just saw the announcement for TR 5.3, which makes mention of “updated API methods”.

Is there a detailed list of what the changes are? I couldn’t find this on the website.


TestRail 5.3 released

Looks like they added the following:

  • Return created_on/created_by fields for runs in plan API methods (e.g. get_plan)



Yes, we added additional fields for get_plan but also supported for sub-milestones and milestone scheduling. The milestone related changes can be found here:

Just search for “5.3” to find all changes after expanding the sections (get_milestone/get_milestones/add_milestone/update_milestone).

I hope this helps!



Great, thanks the explanation.


You are welcome, Steve!



Another quick question: get_milestone returns the sub-milestones in the milestones array, but get_milestones doesn’t. Was that by design?


Hi Don,

Yes, this is on purpose as the response of get_milestones can be very large for long-lived projects with many milestones + sub-milestones and the milestone API behaves in a similar way to get_plans/get_plan. It’s planned to add additional options to the API in the future, e.g. to control the fields you want to include and also to include nested properties.