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TestRail 5.0 released



We are happy to announce the immediate availability of TestRail 5.0!

For the new TestRail release we are introducing an all-new & best-in-class JIRA integration with full JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud add-ons to directly view and track linked TestRail test results, test cases and reports inside JIRA.

TestRail 5.0 also introduces new live defect reports to directly see the status of all linked issues and test results in one place, new options to lookup the status of linked requirements from external tools as well as detailed section statistics for test runs and milestones. We are also adding new options to integrate TestRail’s statistics with Confluence and other tools, improved Markdown formatting options, new test result history and context tabs and much more. See below for all new things in TestRail 5.0 and learn how to get started!

What’s new in TestRail 5.0
Please see below for the changes of this version.

  • Added: JIRA add-ons for full two-way integration (JIRA Server and Cloud)
  • Added: New Defects page for cases/runs/plans and milestones with a quick overview of found defects over time (including live status from issue tracker)
  • Added: Show live statistics per group/section for test runs
  • Added: Reference plugins for live lookup of test case references in tables and test/case pages (similar to defect plugin functionality; reuses defect plugins; can be configured globally and per project)
  • Added: Embeddable dashboards for integrating TestRail’s dashboard and project overview pages with other web applications such as Confluence or intranet applications
  • Added: Support for simple, customizable tables for rich-text fields including designer for table layout
  • Added: JIRA integration help wizard on Administration > Integration page to make it easier to set up the JIRA integration (including user variables)
  • Added: Sample defect plugin to evaluate/demonstrate the integration features without a bug/issue/defect tracker
  • Added: Only show those users in dropdowns/user selections with access to current project (e.g. Todos page, Assign To dialog, user filters, etc.)
  • Added: Also display plans and milestones on Cases > Test & Results page
  • Added: Show number of cases per group on test suite/case repository page (similar to test run page)
  • Added: Separator hint option for Export to Excel dialogs for max. Excel compatibility, independent of current operating system locale
  • Added: Require additional confirmation step if updating many test cases in one step (bulk-edit)
  • Added: Use more descriptive names for some defect plugins in admin area integration settings (e.g. JIRA, OnTime)
  • Added: Expand parents in sidebar tree for selected group/section on test suite/case repository & run pages
  • Added: Show a banner with link to JIRA integration documentation when selecting the JIRA or JIRA SOAP defect plugins (on integration pages)
  • Changed: Redesigned confirmation dialogs for high impact actions (delete, move cases, etc.) and require additional confirmation step (a checkbox, for example)
  • Changed: Increased width and height of lookup window (defect plugin integration)
  • Changed: Many smaller design changes such as improved padding and spacing, aligned font sizes and type faces, reduced bold usage etc. (overall cleaner and more consistent look & feel)
  • Changed: Aligned style & design of Todo chart with the other line charts
  • Changed: Show better error messages for 401/403 errors returned by JIRA’s API (Jira_REST defect plugin)
  • Changed: On test plan form, possible plan entry related validation errors are now displayed inside the plan entry (instead of above)
  • Changed: Made URL validation stricter to catch common configuration issues (e.g. ‘http:http://’ for configured addresses in defect plugins)
  • Changed: Updated list separator (for Excel exports) for South Africa locale to semicolon (based on recent change in Microsoft Windows)
  • Fixed: Milestone/Estimate/References fields on edit case form may be cleared if the respective field is disabled
  • Fixed: Possible ‘Invalid object name’ error when authenticating via remember-me token with pending database update from TestRail version < 4.2

Getting the new version
A 30-day fully functional trial version of TestRail can be requested here (hosted on our servers or as download to install on your own server):

If you want to order TestRail, you can do so directly in our online shop:

Registered customers can download the full version from our customer portal:

Updating to the new version
All accounts of TestRail Cloud already use the new version.

If you are using the download version of TestRail, you can update to the new version as usual by installing it over your existing TestRail installation (there’s no need to uninstall your existing installation). The database upgrade wizard is automatically started when you access TestRail with your web browser. Please see the update instructions for details:

Please take the time to make a backup of your current installation before upgrading to the new version.


Comparison of TestRail v 4.1 and 5.2

Cant wait to see it full action with JIRA and Confluence :slight_smile: Thanks guys for this update!


Hi Viljam,

That’s great to hear, thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: You can also find the announcement posting with screenshots etc. on our blog:



Quick question … so where are these dashboards and how do we integrate them with other applications?


The new feature of creating test cases directly from Jira seems incredibly useful but my team uses Redmine. Are there plans to integrate this and other Jira-only features with other bug trackers in the future?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your posting! The JIRA platform is very flexible and allows for very feature-rich add-ons so we decided to focus on JIRA first. But we will make sure to look into other integrations as well in the future and Redmine is also one of the most popular issue trackers used with TestRail.



Hi Don,

You can find the documentation about the new dashboards here (including examples for Confluence):

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

              Recently there were a few updates in a row,, .65, .67.  

Could you please indicate where can I read the exactly changes in each of the update patches?




Hi Hua!

These were smaller updates which mostly improved some database migrations when updating from previous TestRail versions (TestRail Server).