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TestRail 5.0 Preview Features


Continuing the discussion from Interested in trying TestRail 5.0 preview (with new JIRA integration & more)?:


I’m assuming this has started, my version number appears to have changed to, & I can see immediately the JIRA integration.

Is there a feature/change list?

Would be helpful in providing feedback on new features that might have gone unnoticed, be little-used, or I might just be treating as standard (I’ve not been using your software for very long, still in the free trial but will be definitely taking up a subscription).



Hi Paul,

Yep, we are migrating all accounts starting this week, good catch! Yes, we will have a very detailed announcement with detailed screenshots etc. coming up with the official launch next week (likely Tuesday). We look forward to get this released and share the new features with all of you!


In the email for the preview there is a link to what is new.


Ah, okay!

Don’t have an e-mail so clearly not part of the preview & seemingly just one of the earlier accounts to be migrated I guess.

Will wait for the official announcement unless you’re able to post the link here?