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TestRail 4.0 released



We are happy to announce the immediate availability of TestRail 4.0! This is a major release and we are really excited about the new version. 4.0 features a redesigned user interface, bulk editing for test cases, new powerful filter and grouping options, significantly improved navigation, baseline & single-suite support, new reporting options and much more. With more than 80+ new features, enhancements and fixes, this is our biggest TestRail release yet.

Make sure to also take a look at the blog posting to see the new features in action:

Please also see below for a few important notes about updating to the new version.

What’s new in TestRail 4.0
Please see below for the changes of this version.

  • Added: Support for editing multiple cases in one step (bulk-edit)
  • Added: Support for different suite modes per project (e.g. single suite, single suite + baselines or traditional multi suite mode)
  • Added: Test suite baselines for more control over versioning test cases (including close support)
  • Added: Cases > Activity Summary report which lists the new/updated test cases (e.g. within a specific time frame)
  • Added: Redesigned todo page to display current workload of users (with a bar chart) and list of test runs
  • Added: Todo mode for test runs which only shows the tests for a select set of users (in combination with the redesigned Todo page)
  • Added: Sidebar is now resizable (width)
  • Added: Tree on suite/run pages is now scrollable (independently of the page scroll behavior)
  • Added: New view mode for suite/run pages to view a group including possible subgroups (i.e., a full subtree)
  • Added: Toolbars on suite/run pages with options for changing the case/test sort order, column selection and various buttons
  • Added: Filter on test suite/run pages for test cases/tests
  • Added: Descriptions for sections
  • Added: Additional tree column to Select & Copy/Move dialogs for test cases (also changed to compact view mode in the same step)
  • Added: Copy/Move dialog is now fully resizable
  • Added: Copy/Move dialog for test cases now supports the same filtering features as the Select dialog
  • Added: Additional mode for Copy/Move dialog to copy/move the full section hierarchy (including empty parents)
  • Added: Confirmation message to Copy/Move dialog before moving test cases (regarding possible test results that are about to be removed)
  • Added: Support for deleting multiple test cases at once on test suite page (bulk-delete)
  • Added: Keep current group/position on test suite page after editing the test suite/a test case or going back with the browser back button
  • Added: Support for assigning all tests (using the current filter, if any) on test run page
  • Added: Do not show all groups by default in the sidebar on suite/run pages if groups/levels exceed a certain threshold
  • Added: Track and restore expand/collapse state on test suite/run pages for sections (in the sidebar)
  • Added: Drag & drop for cases/sections now opens a popup menu when dropping the cases/sections (with Copy/Move actions)
  • Added: Mode selection (all/any) for case/test/run filter popups on report forms
  • Added: Steps control now displays the step/expected result boxes side by side depending on the browser width
  • Added: Text boxes of steps control on case form are now resizable
  • Added: Added Edit Case button to toolbar on test page to quickly edit the related test case
  • Added: Tested By/On fields for tests including columns for test tables, filtering and support for Tests > Property Distribution report
  • Added: Support for filters and pagination options in various read-based API methods (get_projects/get_milestones/get_plans/get_runs/get_cases/get_tests/get_results/get_results_for_case)
  • Added: Offset parameter for get_result/get_result_for_case API methods
  • Added: get_results_for_run API method to get the results for an entire run (more efficient than get_results/get_results_for_case for every test/case)
  • Added: Tooltips for the most important actions (e.g. toolbar icons) (replace traditional browser hints which were used before)
  • Added: JavaScript check to test plan form to ensure that a plan is not saved when JavaScript is not working properly
  • Added: Action/link for reusing the description from the suite when adding/editing a test run (in the description hint)
  • Added: Support for issue links for Jira_REST defect plugin
  • Added: Support for custom fields of type ‘Labels’ for Jira_REST defect plugin
  • Added: Increased default width of Push Defect dialog
  • Added: Display first field on Push Defect dialog more prominently i.e. with a bigger font and input field (e.g. Summary field in Jira_REST defect plugin)
  • Added: Disable Save/Add button after form submit on test plan form (to prevent double submits)
  • Added: Support for UI scripts for form submits on test plan form
  • Added: Show number of active/completed projects on dashboard page (sidebar)
  • Added: Highlight currently selected page with border in pagination sections (e.g. for completed test runs)
  • Added: Highlight currently selected report template in sidebar when creating/editing a report
  • Added: On test suite page, highlight (change color) drag & drop action for current test case on hover
  • Added: Display main form element more prominently, i.e. with a bigger font and input field (e.g. title or name) on case/suite/run/plan/milestone/report forms
  • Added: Show welcome box on administration area overview page with quick links
  • Added: Show prominent warning on administration area overview page if background task is not installed
  • Added: Show message box on custom field add/edit form with hint about project assignments and link to documentation
  • Added: Additional links and actions to help menu (for example, for TestRail’s training videos or subscribing to the newsletter)
  • Added: Support for SQL Server 2014 as database backend (Windows)
  • Added: Support for Internet Explorer 11
  • Changed: Redesigned test case selection on test run form to use a combination of radio buttons (include mode) and selection dialog
  • Changed: Test runs and filter columns on Select dialog for runs (on report forms) can now be scrolled independently of each other
  • Changed: Removed show-all mode for cases/tests on suite/run pages and added pagination to compact view mode
  • Changed: Dynamically load cases/tests on test suite/run pages on page load
  • Changed: Sidebar trees are now always sticky on suite/run pages
  • Changed: Moved display mode selection to sidebar toolbar on suite/run pages
  • Changed: Moved search to the top of the page, next to the user name
  • Changed: Redesigned several aspects/elements of the user interfaces (e.g., headers, buttons, toolbars, colors, etc.) and modernized overall look & feel
  • Changed: Improved usability of many existing dialogs and pages, e.g. by displaying actions more prominently
  • Changed: Increased display limit for test details per user for Users > Workload Summary report
  • Changed: Descriptions for checkbox custom fields are now truncated if necessary
  • Changed: Don’t display breadcrumb on pages where it doesn’t add any additional value/context (with respect to the main/sidebar navigation)
  • Changed: Pagination now uses Prev/Next text links instead of arrows for the previous/next actions
  • Changed: Improved loading performance of test suite pages by on-demand drag & drop initialization (as opposed to initializing drag & drop on page load e.g.)
  • Changed: Switched a single combined translation file for sys components (requires changes if a custom translation is used, see below)
  • Changed: Ignore possible errors for dynamically loaded todos on dashboard/project pages (e.g. request-aborted errors when leaving the page before the todos could be loaded)
  • Changed: 401 (Unauthorized) and 400 (Bad Request: invalid JSON, for example) responses by API now always include an error message
  • Changed: Increased default height for default text fields (Steps, Expected Result and Preconditions)
  • Changed: Increased size of review/confirmation dialog on test plan form
  • Changed: Improved info message about client/server version mismatch (e.g., after updating an installation)
  • Fixed: Sticky sidebar trees don’t keep correct position when scrolling horizontally
  • Fixed: Dropping a section on its parent raises an error if it’s the last child and if there’s more than one child section (on the test suite page)
  • Fixed: Dropping a section on itself also selects this section (if previously unselected)
  • Fixed: Adding/copying/moving a section to/within the sidebar tree expands all sections (now only the correct parent node is expanded, if any)
  • Fixed: Completed tests may show the wrong set of attachments (for completed test runs)
  • Fixed: Screenshot popups (fancybox) may be larger than the viewport size for large images
  • Fixed: Attachments in the sidebar (e.g. on the test case page) may change their vertical position on hover (IE only)
  • Fixed: Popup filter for runs/tests/cases on report forms may have a sub-optimal vertical position
  • Fixed: Popup menus (e.g. add-result or changing the role on users overview page) may have a sub-optimal vertical position (e.g. outside the viewport)
  • Fixed: In-Progress window is not toggled when clicking on the user name/progress link
  • Fixed: Possible duplicate row error (‘database_version’) during an update from TestRail versions older than 2.3.
  • Fixed: Assembla defect plugin does not support 204 No Content responses (for empty results)

Possibly breaking changes:

  • Browsers: similar to most other applications we are dropping support for older web browsers in new releases from time to time. Specifically, we are dropping support for Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x with TestRail 4.0. If you cannot upgrade Internet Explorer we recommend using Google Chrome to access TestRail.
  • Translations: if you are using a custom translation for your TestRail installation, you may need to apply a few changes to your language files:
  • UI scripts: The new TestRail 4.0 version has a completely redesigned user interface and UI scripts get automatically disabled during the update. Please make sure to review your UI scripts for possible compatibility issues and update them as needed before enabling them again.

Getting the new version
A 30-day fully functional trial version of TestRail can be requested here (hosted on our servers or as download to install on your own server):

If you want to order TestRail, you can do so directly in our online shop:

Registered customers can download the full version from our customer portal:

Updating to the new version
All accounts of TestRail Hosted already use the new version.

If you are using the download version of TestRail, you can update to the new version as usual by installing it over your existing TestRail installation (there’s no need to uninstall your existing installation). The database upgrade wizard is automatically started when you access TestRail with your web browser. Please see the update instructions for details:

Please take the time to make a backup of your current installation before upgrading to the new version. In case you are using the old API module, please also make sure to update it to the current version:



Please fix the ToDo tab back to old way: Untested cases assigned to User.



I have started recently to use TestRail trial and it seems that still some defects are visible

Export to Excel format doesn’t work (it export csv f.e test plan)
User is not able to send link to report but have possibility only to send attached one (most companies filter out such emails)

Additionally it seems that run configurations are not working properly

Generally it looks that more fixes have to be done and it is beta quality



Thanks for your feedback on the 4.0 release.

Awesome: I’ve updated the other thread. Short answer: we will look into this and understand that the status filter is important on the Todo tab.

TM: We appreciate the feedback. The things you mentioned are by design actually.

  • The Excel export always uses the CSV format (also in previous TestRail versions) and this is by design. The reason for this is that this format can be read by every Excel version and is compatible with virtually every Excel-like tool. The difference to the standard CSV export is that the Excel export may use a different cell separator (depending on the locale you have configured in TestRail) to make it easier to work with different localization configurations of Excel. So the Excel option exports Excel-optimized CSV files that work really well with Excel.

  • Sending a link to a report is only supported for public/shared reports and TestRail does not provide this option for private reports (since no one else except the user who created the report would have access to view it). You can control the permissions for a report when you create the report (“This report can be accessed by: Everyone”). So you just need to make sure to use the correct option in order to share a report linl.

  • Could you please provide a few additional details on what you mean? Many (most) of our customers successfully use configurations, including in TestRail 4.0. If you are new to TestRail you might not be familiar with how it works yet. I recommend reviewing the video on test plans & configuration to check if the configuration feature meets your expectations:

Thanks again and I look forward to your reply.