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Testplans over projects



I try to figure out a right structure to use inside TestRail. We have three products, a desktop application, a web application and a backend server for both clients.

I would create three projects for each of them and they will have a number of test suites with a number of test cases. They might also have different test plans.

But when we have a major product release, all three products get into QA and therefore we have a common testplan to have an overview of the complete test process.

I could not find anything to create a testplan covering different projects. Is this possible at all ?

I like to avoid redundancy in the individual projects about milestones etc, though I dont know how much redundancy it actually would produce.

Anyway - is this not possible or how can I structure my setup to gain the most ?



after some thinking I realised that this is not of relevance at all. There is no need for a overall test plan.



Thanks for your posting. You could also look into using a single project instead and then separating your products by using TestRail’s (optional) test suite feature. Each suite is basically a dedicated case repository and you can find a comparison between the different suite modes here:

(see Suite Modes and Baselines)

The advantage of using a single project would be that you can create test plans and milestones that cover all three products as well as reports for all of your cases.



Thank you for your answer.

I’m currently not quite sure what a reasonable setup would be optimal. One project with different test suites, different project with one test suite each etc - hope this gets more clear over time


You are welcome. If you don’t have specific requirements that require separate projects (e.g. different user permissions or access per product), using a single project (+ maybe multiple test suites) would usually be the recommended approach. You could even look into using a single case repository but I believe that some separation would make it easier to manage your cases in the long run, so I would recommend reviewing multiple suites. You can also experiment with both approaches first before deciding to see what works best for you.

I hope this helps!



Thanks again for the answer.

The reason of my confusion is also the following suggestion from Dennis

Please note that we would not usually recommend using separate test suites, but a single large test case repository for most projects. Since TestRail 4.0 we even disable test suites by default in the project settings. Having a single large test case repository and using sections & sub sections usually has many advantages compared to use many smaller suites.

Currently I do think multiple projects give more sense as they would represent different systems. A browser application, a Windows Desktop application and the server backend. Mixing this in one project and then separate the different configurations/use cases etc sounds at least not optimal.

But I will definitely follow your advice and experiment… thats what an evaluation is also for


You are welcome! As so often, the answer is it depends :slight_smile: If you have dedicated/very separated systems, it can make sense to use either a dedicated project (and a single case repository) or a single project (and then probably multiple test suites). Using a single project has multiple advantages as it’s easier to create reports or milestones targeting all systems but using dedicated projects also works well. Multiple projects would be preferred if you need some of the project features such as separate permissions or different customization options (e.g. different custom fields per project).

I hope this helps!