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Testplans and Test runs problem



I created two test runs (one yesterday, one today). Now I created a testplan and the idea was to add the test runs to this with one configured with different configurations

But when I click on “Add Test Run(s)”, it automatically adds the test run from yesterday. Clicking “Add Test Run(s)” again, again adds the test run from yesterday to the plan. I have no chance of adding the one from today ?

Why can’t I choose which to add ?

Also I’m not quite sure I understood the principle behind it. I need to create a test run to be able to create a test plan. Now I have the test plan, that has multiple times the test run, but also the original test run is lying around as active.

The tests will happen in the configured test plan runs, so the original one is lying around useless, right ? why ?

thanks for clarification


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! Clicking Add Test Run on the plan form will result in new test runs and this would be independent of test runs you created before. Test plans are basically a group of multiple test runs and a project can have single test runs, plans (with one or multiple runs) or a combination of both.

I can also recommend reviewing your video on test plans & configurations:



I know what Test plans are and I watched the video.

But in my instance, there is only the “Add Testrun(s)” and not “Add Testsuite” button as in the video.

And when adding a Testrun to my test plan, it automatically takes one out of the two test runs that I have create before.

Beside this arbitrary (what if I like to add the other one ?) I dont understand why I must add an existing Test run to a test plan and cannot create one directly while adding the test plan.

As you said “will result in new test runs and this would be independent of test runs created before”.

As far as I can see it right now, I must create a test run before I create a test plan. As result I have a test plan with a test run, that is independent to the one that I created before. This means then that the one created before is actually obsolete, because its solely there, because it was needed to create a test plan.

I would have assumed that when clicking the “Add Testrun(s)” button it would offer the choice to select an existing test run or creating a new one, that is then only existing inside the test plan.

As said, now I have a test plan that only consists of the same test run, and the original test run is lying useless there.

I hope you understand my point.


And i finally found out the confusion on my side.

When adding a test run to a test plan it gets per default the name Test Run %date%. As I also create a test run the same day with that name, my assumption was that there are the same.

Now I can see that they are not and that the test plan is exactly behaving as I though and as it should.

Sorry for the confusion


Hello Andreas,

Great to hear that and no problem at all, we are happy to help :slightly_smiling:

Have a great weekend!