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Testing for multiple application roles


The app that we are assessing TR with has multiple user roles, with variations in function availability and behavior based on the currently logged in user’s role. A typical scenario would be 3 variations on a function, for 6 user roles. Some roles can use the functions, some can’t, and some will have limited capabilities. We have no problem adding one test case for each variation, but, we’d like a way to link each variation to a role. For example:

TC 1 (variation 1) - Buyer, Product Manager
TC 1 (variation 2) - Project Manager, Project Coordinator
TC 1 (variation 3) - Accounting, Admin

Is it possible to tag test cases with roles, so that testers know which login to use while testing, and so that we can filter by role? We could perhaps use an enclosing section to identify what roles a test case applies to, but, it’s preferable to have tagging, or attributes, right on the test case.


Hi Roger,

Thanks for your posting. I would recommend adding a new custom field of type multi-select for this and this is often used to add tags on the case level. You can add custom fields as follows:

It’s not directly possible to automatically map this to the role of a user but you can add the same roles/values to the custom field options and then filter the list of cases via the Select Cases dialog when adding a new test run/plan.

I hope this helps!