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Testing Estimates for Manual and Automated testing


I have been searching and I have not found a way to do this so there may not be one but I thought I would ask anyway.
I have a Test Suite of test cases. These cases are used to do manual testing and to build Automation off of. To track the progress of both I created a Test Plan with 2 configurations, Manual and Automated. I see no way of being able to enter an estimate time to test manually and another for building the automation or automation run time. I did see an option of just averaging out the time but that will not work for instances where we have deliverables and I need accurate reporting of % completion and forecasting of our Manual efforts and automation development.

Is there a way to do this outside of having separate test cases for Manual and Automated tests?


The silence is deafening, so I am going to take that as a Yes you have to have separate test cases for that.


Hi Kris,

Thanks for the post and apologies for not getting a response to you sooner! Currently, the estimate field for test cases is stored within each test case on the repository/suite level and not on the test run or plan level.

If you have similar tests which have different estimates (such as with automated tests and manual tests), we would recommend using the average time for your estimated time, as you already learned. As you add results, including a value for your actual ‘Elapsed’ testing time will help to create a more accurate estimated completion time for your individual test runs.

If this approach will not work for your specific forecasting needs, you would need to have separate test cases within your project for each testing type so you can enter individualized estimates based on test type.

We are also happy to review additional forecasting and estimation options for a future release of TestRail and I will add your vote to this feature request to help us prioritize internally.