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Testcases assigned to what Configuration


I had a question asked of me that I wasn’t sure how to answer, but hopefully there is a way.

We have a number of testcases and we are assigning these to different configurations, or possibly, tot the same configuration. For instance, lets say we have Testcase1, 2, 3 and 4 with Config1, 2 and 3.




What folks are clamoring for is how to tell how many times each testcase has been used (2xTestcase1, 3xTestcase2, 2xTestcase1, 0xTestcase4); and also if any testcases have not been used at all within a Configuration (which in this case would report Testcase4 (though that would also be able to be seen if we could see the number).

Whether this is a report or a view we can look at matters not to us.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, this is possible and you can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report in this case. On the report form, just select the test runs on the test runs tab (either via a test plan filter or manually via “Only the following runs”). TestRail will generate a case-based report with a dedicated column per test run. This displays the current status of the case per test run and also if the case is included at all (the column cell would be empty in this case). The report looks as follows:

I hope this helps!