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TestCase view has totally changed..for no reason.?


I was working in TestRail and we had 28 sections in a test case that were categorized by application area (Registration, Admin, etc…). Later in the day, I went back in there to Test Cases section and the view was totally different!! The “sections” are now User names. The names of the five testers. The previous 28 sections are gone. And I also noticed that I can no longer “Add Section”. I had that ability before , but now the button is greyed out.

I logged out, cleared cache, logged back in and still the same thing (using latest version of Firefox, but also tried in Chrome. Same thing). Here’s the mystery…all four of the other testers still have the same old/correct view (all 28 sections)! So it’s only affecting ME. I contacted our TEstRAil admin, and he says he has not done or changed anything. Any clues? Has anyone ever seen this before?


Hi Darren,

Thanks for your posting and this is easy to explain. You’ve clicked on the Created By column header in the tables and this changes the ordering/grouping. You can simply click on the little red X icon next to the Created By column header and this will bring back the default section grouping.

I hope this helps!



Wow! Easy fix. Thanks so much!


You are welcome, Darren :slight_smile: