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Testcase Steps in Custom Report


I have a Question about Customize Reports.

Is it possible to display the all Test Case Steps in a Custom Report?
The “Print” functionality supports this Feature. (Outline/Details).

Many Thanks,


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your post! Currently, it wouldn’t be possible to include test steps in the built-in reports available under the Reports tab in TestRail. We would recommend using the Print views as these would include the steps and details of each test case as you mentioned. As an alternative, you can also look into generating custom reports by using the CSV/XML exports to create such a report outside of TestRail (e.g. with Excel or a small script), or using TestRail’s API. Hope this helps!




Is there a reason why the custom report approach is not possible e.g. cannot access the data?
We need to print selected tests into a formal document for review or auditing, and are to start looking at customer reports. Our review process needs to be formally recorded (pdf, reviewers, comments, time, resolutions, etc.)



Hi Rich,

Thank you for the follow up post and feedback. When you say ‘cannot access the data’, are you running into a specific error when attempting to build a custom reporting solution? If you could offer a little more context into what is happening, this would help a great deal.


Hi Marty,

It was more of a general question before we start investigating custom reports.
Can the custom report interface access all the test case data (Mandatory, Optional and Steps fields), so we can print a full test case procedure in a custom report for reviewing by the team.
A custom report approach would allow us to select what tests to review, and avoid the Print views mentioned earlier in the thread. Also allowing more automation and less user training than the API approach?



Hey Rich,

Thank you for the follow up post and clarification. TestRail should allow you to access any data that you need to when building your custom report. You should have no issues doing what you want to do.


Hi Marty,

Thanks I have that working now.
I do not believe there is a helper routine to list test cases when creating a report, in form.php can I add a query to retrieve tests in a selected suite, and then display those tests for the user to select which ones to include in the report?



Hi ,
Can you share the tool ?
I want to interpret the xml to display all information in a "beauty format "