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TestCase link across test suites


I know that this feature does not exist and has been on the consideration block for some time. However, I am looking for some suggestions on how best to solve this issue.

In my project, testsuites are broken by areas of functionality. Example: Admin, Security, Search, SDK, Inputs, etc. Each of these test suite have sub sections which correspond to sub components of the functionality.

As a QA manager, I am trying to track two main things

  • user stores (tickets in JIRA) test coverage
  • feature test coverage

I have a testsuite ‘user stories’ and then have a sub-section for each JIRA ticket which in turn has some number of test cases. So when I look at sub-section, I know if we have adequate coverage for each JIRA ticket.

Now because I also need to report on adequate coverage for features, I need to add/copy/link many of these existing user story tests in the other features test suites.

Ideally, it should be possible to a add 'link to a test case. Since this is not supported, I am trying to see what should be the best way to achieve my objective.

Thanks in advance



Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using the References field for linking test cases to user stories or requirements and I think this would be a good fit for your scenario as well:

The upcoming version of TestRail will introduce a new reporting tab/module and one of the included reports will be a Reference Coverage report. Among other things, this report will show the user stories/requirements for the selected scope (one/multiple test suites or an entire project) and the associated test cases. This is primarily intended to find out the user story/requirement coverage as well as detecting uncovered user stories/requirements and test cases without references/user stories/requirements.

It would also be possible to implement this as a custom report in the meantime, but I would recommend waiting until this is available in the product.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any questions.



Hi Tobias,
The next version sounds interesting and we’ll wait to see how it looks like. I hope that the feature allows us to enter stories/requirements/bug/etc in this module and then be able to select testsuites/sections/testscases to add coverage?

Is there any tentative date for the release ?



Hello Ali,

You will be able to specify a custom list of reference IDs (or use all IDs that are found in the selected scope) and also select the coverage scope where the report should look for test cases (one or multiple test suites). The results are then displayed in a coverage matrix (references <-> test cases). The report will also optionally show those test cases that don’t have any references. We don’t currently have an expected release date for the new version as it’s not yet clear which reports will actually be included and which other features may get added.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.




I am looking for this option. Is it implemented and available in the trial version ? If yes please suggest me the steps.




All features of TestRail are also available in the trial version and there’s no limitation (except for the trial period of course).