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Testcase import (XML) does not import all fields


I’m experementing with Test Case import / export.
As I wanted to learn about the TC structre, I exportet Test Cases that are designed within Testrail.
Testcases with the most common fields like ID, title, steps, expected result, test data.

Now, when EXPORT this test case and afterwards IMPORT it to Testrail, for some reason Test Rail only recognizes ID and TITLE.
All the other fileds like STEPS, EXPECTED RESULT, TEST DATA seem to be ignored by the import process (although they are in the XML that was originally exportet from Test Rail).

Any ideas here ?



Thanks for your posting. Could you please send an example XML export file and a screenshot of your Administration > Customizations page to our help desk via email?

Did you use the ‘Append’ or ‘Update’ option on the Import dialog when re-importing the test cases? Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any questions.



Hi Tobias,

for some reason I cannot reproduce it today - although I could at the day I posted.
I’ll keep an eye on that and maybe come back to you (although I hope not :wink: )


Thanks for the update. Yes, please keep us updated on this, we are happy to help.