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Testcase - failure rate


I’m trying to find out how many times each of our testcases has failed.
Do you know how I can do that?


you can see the results for a test case in the tab “Test & Results” when viewing a test case

is it that, what you mean ?


Hello Cynthia,

Thanks for your posting. There are multiple ways to implement this and I can recommend the Cases > Status Tops and Results > Comparison for Cases reports from the Reports tab in this case.

The Status Tops report shows the highest amount of failed/passed etc. cases for a select test scope (e.g. run selection/plan/milestone) and this should be a good fit in your case.

The Comparison for Cases report shows the test & result coverage per case, also for a select test scope. This includes the latest status per run as well as the overall coverage:

As @bygones mentioned, you can also find the activity/results per case on the Tests & Results tab if you are interested in the specific results for a case over time.