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Testcase export in Excel - irregular column orders



When I export my testcases to Excel, I am able to specify which columns I want to include without too much trouble.

My issue is that the order of the columns is not logical when exported. For example the ‘Steps’ and ‘Pre-conditions’ appear in the column after the ‘Expected Result’.

Is there some configuration that I am missing? I know that I can re-arrange the columns in excel post-export but this is not ideal.

Many Thanks



Hello Alex,

Thanks for your posting! The columns are exported in alphabetical orders (expect for the ID column which is always the first), but we are happy to look into making this more flexible in the future.



Thanks for your reply Tobias.

That will save me plenty of time going forward and make it easier to share with colleagues/clients etc



That’s great to hear and thanks again for your feedback!




Having the functionality to change the column order or set a default column order for CSV, Excel and XML exports prior to exporting would really make life easier. Has this had any progress?

At present, I need to be able to export the tests to some users who do not currently have TestRail access or do not really need access. Being able to define the column orders prior to exporting will save me time resorting post export.



Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your feedback! Currently the columns aren’t sortable pre-export, and they would still be sorted alphabetically with the exception of the first ID column when exported. We still have plans to review this for a future update, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA for this. I’ve also added another vote to this request on your behalf as well.



Definitely is something we’re waiting/hoping for soon :pray:


Hi Viet,

Thanks for your feedback!



Hi Gurock Teams,
Any update on this feature request? It’d be great to be able to change the order that the columns are exported.