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Testcase comments in TestSuites/Cases tab


I find the ‘add comment or File’ feature for test cases very useful. We will probably use this as a test case review system. Is there a reason this only shows in TestRuns view and not in TestSuite/Cases view?




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting and your question. The tests on the Test Run & Result pages are “instances” of the test cases of the Test Suite & Cases page, so there’s actually a minor difference between those two entities. The comments are part of the result history of a test (and are implemented very similar to the usual test results), so using those for a test case review system may be a bit difficult as they don’t appear on the Test Suite & Cases pages. That said, comments for the test cases themselves are already on our feature request list and we would like to look into it for a future version.

You could already include a custom field for test cases to store comments in the meantime and it would even be possible to hide this field during the actual test execution using an UI Script.

Please let me know in case anything is unclear, I’m happy to help.



For the test case review enhancement you are considering, is there any plan for in-line commenting on steps or e-sig capabilities?


Hello Greg,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not yet clear how this feature will look like exactly but we are open to suggestions. Planning is still early for this feature and feedback or feature requests are very welcome.



This thread is from a while ago, but I was just thinking how nice this feature would be while considering questions about some test cases in a test suite.

Any progress on making the commenting system available on test cases in the test suite tab?

Thanks - love the TestRail product!



Thanks for your reply, and glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed TestRail thus far! We still have plans to look into adding a comment system to test cases, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA for this just yet. In the meantime, we would just recommend creating a separate custom field where comments could be stored on the test case level:

Hope this helps!