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Test suites: References, attachments options



I have seen options ‘References’, ‘Add attachments’ for individual test cases.
Why don’t we have such options for the test suite also???

For instance, I need to give the reference of a Jira task on test suite level.
Right now we have requirements\specifications as word documents, so if we have add attachments for test suites, we can attach the requirement documents at test suite level.

  • Vijaya


Hello Vijaya,

There’s currently no support for adding attachments to test suites but you can always add links to the test suite description. For example, you can include links to external Wiki pages or files stored on a shared server.

Links to local files or files on network shares are also supported (e.g. via file:///…), but may require changes to your browser settings. We will also consider adding attachment support to more entities than cases & tests.



Hi Dennis,

Is there is a possibility add Jira references at test suite level???

I want to see the associated tasks in Jira for test suites.

In our project, we have one test suite for one task in Jira, and I want this link to be established in TestRail.


Hello Vijaya,

You can always add simple web links to the test suite description to reference your Jira cases on the test suite level. Adding a description to the test suite is common to explain the purpose/intention of the test suite and referencing other documents (such as Wiki pages, or in your case, Jira cases).

I hope this helps,