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Test Suites option not present in my cloud installation of TestRails


I have a new cloud account and I am trying to create a TestSuite. I have used TestRails before but this time the Test Cases tab only says “Test Cases” and not “Test Suits & Cases”. Additionally, the “Add Test Suite” option is not available in the right hand panel. I have looked in Administration to see if I need to enable this feature but I do not see an option there.

How do I access the Test Suite option in TestRails?


You need to change the Project set up. I believe his will get the tab correct: “Use a single repository for all cases (recommended)”


Hi all!

Starting with TestRail 4.0, we made test suites optional for projects. We found that for many projects, having a single test case repository and organizing your test cases via sections and sub sections works better than separating your test cases into different test suites. This makes it easier to start new test runs, filter your test cases and navigate between your tests. Because of this we added additional project options to use different suite modes and e.g. disable test suites for projects.

You can enable and use test suites by editing a project under Administration > Projects. However, we highly recommend using sections and sub sections in a single test case repository instead of separate test suites for most projects. You can also enable test suites for a project later in case you want to start using it then. You can also learn more about suite modes here (section “Suite Modes and Baselines”):

I hope this helps and please let me know in case anything is unclear!



My end goal is to support a scenario where I have a small set of tests (10 - 20) that will be used repeatably across multiple releases and on multiple environments. Basically this is a small set of regression tests. I had thought to implement this via Test Suites (to define the set of tests), Test Plans and Configurations (to model the target environments).

How do you recommend supporting this scenario given the current features of TestRail?



You can still use test suites if you like, it’s just that projects now use a different suite mode by default with just a single test suite / case repository. You can configure this per project under Administration > Projects:

So, using multiple suites is still an option and working with a test plan + configurations is the recommended way to target or test against multiple environments. Nowadays, we recommend using a single test suite / case repository + the section hierarchy as opposed to multiple test suites. We found that this makes it easier to create test runs & plans or reports for your entire case repository. But using multiple suites is fine as well of course and still fully supported.

I would recommend experimenting with the different suite modes to see what you like best and I’m happy to help in case you have any further questions.



The real issue is that I did not see configurations referenced anywhere but via the test suite. Can I use configurations if I don’t use suites? I’m not attached to them. How should I model different target platforms if I do use sections?


Configurations are independent of suites and are the same with or without multiple suites. You can configure the configurations on the test plan form (Test Runs & Results > Add Test Plan). You would only need to add a test plan entry (Add Test Suite/Run), and can then set up and assign the configurations via the Configurations button:

I hope this helps!



OK, I got test plans working this way and I found configurations once I added a test run. The challenge I have run into is that I want to automated the creation of this test plan each time I have a new release. When I look into the API documentation it says that TestSuite is a required field for the add_plan_entry method.

Name Type Description
suite_id int The ID of the test suite for the test run(s) (required)

Does this mean that I do need to use TestSuites if I want to automate this or is this topic out of date in the API documentation?



no you don’t need. also if you have the default project layout, you have actually one big suite and when you view it, you get your id


Just like @bygones said (thanks!), the case repository in single-suite mode is implemented with one big suite. For single-suite projects, the ID is not directly shown on the Test Cases tab, but you can query it programmatically via the API via get_suites and passing the project ID:

I hope this helps!