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Test Suites are not displayed in trial version


Hi, I’m using the trial version and I’m not able to create Test Suites as the video shows. How can I enable this feature?

Thank you


When you created the project I will assume that you used the following:

Use a single repository for all cases (recommended)

A single test suite (repository) is easy to manage and flexible
enough for most projects with no or few concurrent versions. You can
use sections and subsections to further organize your test cases.

With this option the tab will just sat Test Cases and creating that group of cases is a suite.

To use multiple suites you would need to change the option in the project to:
Use multiple test suites to manage cases


Hi Diego!

Thanks for your posting and trying TestRail. The videos refer to a slightly older version of TestRail and test suites are now optional (and disabled by default). You can still enable them per project under Administration > Projects but we usually recommend keeping the simpler single-suite structure.

(see Suite Modes and Baselines)

I hope this helps!