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Test suites are listed alphabetically - can this be changed


I have created a project and added some skeleton test suites that are named to match entries in a tree view that our users see in the software - I entered them in the order we see them in the tree eg:-

(and 20 or so more entries)

But test rail lists them alphabetically so the tester still has to scroll up and down to find the entry they want.

Is there a way to keep the original order (other than prefixing each entry with a number) ?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your posting! I would recommend modeling this with a single test suite/case repository and you can use sections and sub-sections to organize and group your cases instead. This supports a custom order and don’t need to be ordered alphabetically. Once you added your sections/sub-sections, you can freely change the order in the sidebar via drag & drop.



Ok, tks - will try that approach


Happy to help, Dave!