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Test Suites and Baselines


Goodnight. I wanted to ask you what the Test Suites and Baselines. As I understand this is a common Test Suites entity that includes Baselines. But in reality I have created in the Baselines several test cases, but they are not displayed in the main Test Suites. I thought that those test cases that I have created in the Baselines should be displayed in the main Test Suites. I probably did not understand you correctly? But very much like to see such an embodiment. You can do such a thing, I will give an example of testers write in Baselines, but at the same time displaying napisanve test cases in the main Test Suites, ie updated or added.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your posting! You can find a feature overview for suites & baselines on our blog here:

(see Suite Modes and Baselines)

Baselines are separate suites/case repositories and usually used to manage a separate set of cases for a different version. The Master baseline/suite is usually used for the most current version and baselines for separate “branches” if you will. You can copy cases between baselines/suites with the Copy Cases dialog (can be opened by clicking on the icon with two sheets of paper when viewing a baseline/suite).

I hope this helps!