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Test Suite usage and the need to close


We have just moved to Testrail and have just completed our first Sprint but have either a setup issue or process issue.
Each of our stories we have created a Test Suite for to enable us to easily see what test cases need to be run against them
Each Sprint will consist of about 10 - 20 stories, so we create and close our test runs from the test suites but then have a list of test suites which we are unable to close or archive to help with identifying which ones are needed for the next sprint.

Is there a way to complete\ close or archive test suites?

Interested to see how other users deal with this type of process

Cheers Paul



Test Suites are a master repository of test cases to add to a run(s) - there is nothing to close/archive in the Test Cases/Suites tab.



Thanks for the reply, what we have done to work around this is too create a higher level Sprint folder for the test suites and then within this add a new section for each story in the sprint with all the tests associated, to have all test cases in one folder would not work, which is why we wanted to close or archive the original test suites