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Test suite/project detailed history


Is there currently a way to report on changes made to a project or a test suite on a higher overview.

From a project perspective I would like to be able to track when test suites are added/removed/modified, or when test cases are imported between suites.

From a test suite perspective I would like a better view on when the suite is changed. Currently when new tests are added to a suite, there is no clear way to determine how the suite has changed. I can’t see if any tests have been added/removed.

Are any of these possible in the current version?



Thanks for your posting. High-level changes are shown directly on the project overview page (under Activity at the bottom of the page). This shows the actions for adding/remove/closing test suites, test runs/plans and milestones, ordered by date. Changes on a test suite/case level can be found on the test cases History tab. You can also find out the last-modified date for test cases by adding the Updated On/Updated By columns to your test suite:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!




The project overview does help somewhat. Although it would be much better if we could filter by actions. Currently it gets very clogged up with test runs being created. It would be really helpful to be able to search by action type e.g Milestone created/ Test Suite created.

The test case history tab is very useful for individual test changes, but there is no way to track if a test was deleted. For example if a user creates 5 tests then deletes 5 other tests, the test count appears the same. There would be no way to find out what tests have been removed.



Thanks for your feedback on this. It is planned to add a full audit log with events for deleted/moved test cases etc. and we would like to look into this for a future version. We recommend limiting the delete permissions to just a few people as this is usually not needed by the average user. I’ve also added your feature request about filtering the project history to our list of things to look into.



Brilliant, thanks for looking into it.