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Test suite description at test run overview


When i create a test run, its suite description gets shown at the test run overview.
However, when i create a test plan and add at test suite, the suite description does not get shown at the overview of the corresponding test run . But besides that the two overview pages do exactly look the same.
Is this a bug? or can i somehow force the showing of the suite description?


Hello Tobias,

Thanks for your posting. Do you mean the standard test run page you are redirected to after creating a test run? If so, the description of the test suite is actually not automatically displayed on this page and a test run has its own description field for this (can be set if you add/edit a test run). Or do you mean something else?



When I go to the tab “Test Runs & Results”, click on “Add Test Plan”, enter a test plan name, click on “Add Test Suite”, select a test suite, and click on “Add Test Plan”. I get redirected to the test plan overview. When I now click on the test suite that i have added, which redirects me to the test run overview, I expect to see the suite description, but there is none…?


i just mean the difference between those two screenshots:

bigger size:

The picture on the left is a Test Run, the picture on the right is from a Test Plan, containing only one Test Run. Both Runs are from the same Suite, but the Test Run of the Test Plan is missing the Run description.


Descriptions for individual test runs are currently not supported if they are part of a test plan (and we recommend using the test plan description for this instead). This is only supported for stand-alone runs at this point. Please note that the test suite description is not automatically included when you start a stand-alone test run either (you would need to enter this explicitly in the Description field).



I was wondering if there are updates in regards to the above feature request from Mar '14 (i.e., adding a description for individual Test Run in a Test Plan).
It would help me in my testing as well.


Yes, we have an update and the next version (TR 5.2) will add support for this (likely available in February, maybe a bit earlier).

I hope this helps!