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Test suite call another test suite

Hello there,

Is there a way to call another test suite within a test suite? I have suites A and B, and all the test cases in A are also present in B.

Hi @vitor,

it sounds similar to your former post:

Are you asking for a kind of reference (an intelligent copy to save effort at maintenance) or do you ask for calling to from case to case to build sequences (don’t think so, but calling in suites???).

I would suggest to take two or three steps back and you describe what you want to achieve…

Pretty much an intelligent copy, or a reference to the same test case so it can be use in different test suites. The same test is called in different suites.

TestRail doesn’t support this kind of usage, the feature or however…

But again, why do you have multiple instances of the cases in different suites?

I have a suite that tests the main functionalities of the software (It’s a messaging app, so tests stuff like sign in, adding a contact, sending messages…). This is the Golden Path Suite.

I have another suite that tests all the functionalities of the software (tests all the parts of the software, like settings, backup, logging…) and this one inclutes all the test cases from the Golden Path Suite. This is the Complete path suite.

Every single build runs the Golden path Suite, but the Complete is ran every few builds cause it takes some time to finish.

So that’s why I need to share tests between suites, there are some that are executed in both Golden and Complete suites.

I think I understood. The following if you don’t try to improvise a kind of Testsequence:
I guess you do so because you want to have one suite because you create one test run for your build and you can’t mix the content out of two or more suites.

At this point I usually recommend to use test plans with a different number of runs, one for the Golden Path and one (or more) for other suites. If the tool doesn’t has support for sharing cases between structures, it is not a good idea to pollute the repository by spreading the cases via a simple copy. Usually it is a misunderstanding of a repository and case usage.

Of course I also had the customers still want to have this kind of logic, but always struggle with the maintenance for the copied cases. I implemended a kind of support for it, having a batch updating copied cases via the API, ensuring, that copied cases won’t get an edit via a custom field and a ui script, etc. But this is a bigger effort I would invest if I can handle it via a different structuring.

Well, I hope I’m not completely wrong… :rofl:

The solution I found is to just keep all the test cases in a pool and create a field “Suite”. So when I need to run one or the other I just filter by this field

Then even a single repository project is sufficient for you.
I thought is is a little bit more complex…
But easy solutions are even better.

i am looking for the same solution . can someone suggest an easier alternative

Still Nobodyy replied...?

The answer should be within the thread or lack there of. TR is not built to share cases between suites as has been noted in the thread. No idea what your wanting to do or how it differs from the OP.

Hi @katesmith1304,
same question for you: What do you want to achieve?
Do you want to share cases across suites or projects, do you want to build sequences of tests?
Virot ends up in the insight not to use multiple suites - he never had the need for it. So, what is your question/problem/challenge to answer?