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Test Steps and Expected Result details to separate needed for upload CSV template


Point 1 on the attachment is is an example of the CSV (Comma delimited) template I have created.

Point 2 is an example of what I would like this upload to look like (this example has been manually created and wording does not match template but you get the idea). As you can see in Point 2 the Test Steps and Expected Result for each Step are separated.

However, when I upload my template this does not happen, it displays like Point 3.

Can anyone please advise what I need to do to my template to achieve the breakdown of Steps and Expected Results?

Many thanks,



Hello Kimberly,

Thanks for your posting! I would recommend using a multi-line CSV/Excel template for your test cases (with one step per line/row). TestRail can then import this easily if you check the “Multiple rows” option on the second page of the CSV import:

So, instead of adding all steps to a single cell in the CSV file, you would have one line per step (so, multiple rows per case) as follows:

Title, ...,  Steps (Expected), Steps (Step)
A test case, Expected 1, Step 1
             Expected 2, Step 2
Another test case, Expected 1, Step 1

Would this work for you?



Dear Tobias,

We try to export current test case and import it after modified it.
You suggest to use the multiple line format but the exported file is not in multiple lines format.
It would be time consuming to divide it into multiline by hand.

Any suggestion?




Hi Alston,

In general, we don’t recommend an export/modify/re-import workflow and suggest changing cases directly in TestRail and this is usually the easiest way. You can often use the bulk-edit feature if you need to make changes to multiple (or a lot of) test cases in a single step. In the cases where this is not possible (e.g. if you want to change just a single word in the description of all otherwise different cases), you could look into using TestRail’s API or the XML export/import. The XML export can be re-imported directly and also supports updating existing cases. The CVS import is mostly meant for migrating purposes from other tools.

I hope this helps!